As a Mum, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Podcast Host, I have a passion and commitment for you to discover your reason for being, unleash that genius and share those destined gifts with the world.

Life is too short not too!

Having worked in the Wellness industry internationally for over 20 years I have been fortunate to coach some of the world's most successful people to lasting and life-changing results.

I have also had the opportunity to pass on these skills having mentored health professionals to beyond what they thought was possible with a long list of success stories including award-winning trainers.

This has included establishing a team of Advanced Health Coaches and Health Practitioners in Australia, NZ, and Asia. I've also been given the platform to speak internationally to inspire people to live their best life and share my gifts.

“In 2015, it became personal when my life changed forever.”

#WilltoLiv ...My Story

After years of trying for a baby and IVF, I fell pregnant with my son Will. On a babymoon holiday In Mexico at 15 weeks, I ended up in hospital and later found out my waters had broken.

With less than a 10% chance of survival and options to terminate I lived by the motto "where there is life there is hope". Will was miraculously born at 27 weeks weighing 1 pound 5.

Against all odds he continued to live surrounded by love for 104days, before passing away in my arms. A year to the week later I received the greatest gift when younger sister Liv was born. Unbeknown to me at the time the Will to Liv movement had been birthed as well. With Liv also arrived the gift of LIVing. The gift of truly living our most fulfilling life now…..because for some 104days is a lifetime. 

Ang & Liv

The Power of Connecting to My True Self

We all have a purpose, a unique one. We all have a natural intelligence and unique gifts that are destined to be shared with the world. Imagine the power and the change in the world If we all accessed these gifts?

Well, we can!

Another gift I received from Will was the gift of loving myself and connecting back to who I was. For so long I had been lost in pleasing others,and doing what I thought I should do in the many roles I held.

There is nothing more freeing than aligning to your true essence and immersing yourself fully into who you are.

Practising What I Preach

I am continually working on growing and expanding my own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual 4-dimensional self. I do the work.

I have done the deep work and continue to do so. My own personal development is a top value of mine because I see the rewards not only for me but the ripple effects it has on those around me. I check in with myself every week to see if I am living my most fulfilling life

About Ang and Liv


Being a mum and the joyful times with my daughter.
My beach time – you can find me there most days exercising and meditating
Fun times with my sisters and girlfriends – nothing beats girls catch ups!
The moments when I see the people I work with realise the greatness in them
That feeling when I know I have helped inspire someone towards a better life
Aha moments – when you finally get something that raises you to that next level

Angela Lee

Live your most fulfilling life

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